About DrinkBigApple

From the team that brought you Eat Big Apple, a top rated NY Food Blog, comes the site focused on Drink. Wines, cocktails, the good stuff.

Our dining budget has left us with precious few dollars to spend on wine, so most of the wine will be under $20. Also, despite our conceited writing style in reviewing restaurants, our approach to wine is much like everymen. Yes, every once a while I’ll put on my ponce hat and declare that a wine has notes of cigar box, lead pencil, tobacco, black currants, and licorice. If I do that, I’m probably just reading off the bottle.

Each wine article will cover what everymen cares about. The price, the taste, and an everymen score. With proper Search Engine Optimization, hopefully our content will be able to help you with a last minute search from the wine store.

We answer life’s tough questions: Is this bottle “any good”? In other words, anniversary dinner or sangria.

To contact us, please email us at contact [at] eatbigapple.com, or message us via Twitter.

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