Nederburg 56 Hundred 2016 Pinotage Review

Quick Review – A affordable bottle of red table wine done right, with a nice dose of spiciness at first sip. 86/100

The whole purpose of this blog is to prove that you don’t necessary need a fancy bottle for every occasion, and that every bottle of wine can be its own occasion. This bottle of Nederburg Pinotage is a good example.

This bottle is not great, but is very very good. It’s cheap enough to pop (I meant twist) open to sip or to pair with red meats, and demonstrates a unique hint of spice that’s pleasing on the palate. Mass market wines shall not be shunned for its label.

Nederburg 56 Hundred 2016 Pinotage
Score: 86/100

3.5 / 5 stars     
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