Kirkland Signature 2015 Malbec Review

Quick Review – Fantastic label, but the wine doesn’t quite match its boldness, lacking in the Malbec qualities we look and lone for. 87/100

For such a beloved consumer brand (Costco), Kirkland Signature wine labels are a bit all over the place. You often find wines from various different regions all sporting completely different designs. When we last visited this wine, the 2013 Kirkland Signature Malbec had a photo depiction of grapes. Accurate but not exactly classy.

This year the label is an absolute stunner, one of Costco’s best efforts to date. Layered and textured peaks to reference the altitude at which Malbec is grown.

Curiously though despite the bold packaging, the wine felt softer and almost Merlot-like in quality. I wasn’t expecting in-your-face boldness, but when I drink a Malbec I expect pronounced Malbec qualities, otherwise I would’ve picked up a merlot.

Though the label is worth advancing to other bottles in the line. Spectacular.

Kirkland Signature 2015 Malbec
Score: 87/100

3.5 / 5 stars     
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