Charles Smith 2015 Boom Boom Syrah Review

Quick Review – Not as explosive as the bottle might imply, a solid table wine but not spectacular. 86/100

The first time I’ve ever noticed Charles Smith wines was the oddly titled Kung-Fu Girl Riesling, a bottle so odd I put it right back onto the shelf. Continuing the Charles Smith roundup after last week’s Velvet Devil 2014 Merlot, today we try the Boom Boom Syrah.

Since the merlot was quite impressive, I expected the Syrah with bombs on the label to have explosively big flavors. Yet while it’s distinctively a Syrah, the flavors aren’t as big and juicy as I hoped. A decent table wine, but not much more than that.

Charles Smith 2015 Boom Boom Syrah
Score: 86/100

3.5 / 5 stars     
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