Le Petit Cochonnet Chardonnay Review

Quick Review – The green pig is a simple table wine that’s light on aromatics and a tad too dry – 84/100

In a previous entry I reviewed the red little big, which is the Cabernet Sauvignon I found disappointing. Hoping to give such a cute label a chance at redemption, I picked up the green pig, which is the Chardonnay.

Immediately I realized a problem. This wine is much too dry to be appreciated by novice drinkers, who are the exact people usually attracted by these cute labels and the affordable price points. For advanced wine consumers, the wine is simply too flat to command their attention. That leaves the bottle in limbo on the shelf…

Le Petit Cochonnet Chardonnay
Description: A misfit that’s a bit flat on taste.
Score: 84/100

3 / 5 stars     
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