Kirkland Signature 2014 Sonoma Zinfandel Review

Quick Review – A very easy to drink wine with a kick of spice at the end to make things interesting. Another solid wine from Costco. 89/100

Yet another vertical review of a Costco product, mostly because I’m so fascinated with Kirkland Signature branded wines, and often forgot whether I’ve tasted one of these before. Well I have, and the 2013 vintage review can be found here.

Last year I raved about the 2013 vintage having a smoking flavor with good spice, but for this year the smokiness isn’t as prominent. The delicious hint of spice remains though, and is a pleasure to drink, especially when paired with red meats.

Kirkland Signature 2014 Sonoma Zinfandel Review
Score: 89/100

4 / 5 stars     
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