Kirkland Signature 2015 Cotes du Rhone Villages Review

Quick Review – Nicely crafted and brilliantly priced, not as special as the 2013 vintage but a good deal from Costco nonetheless. 89/100

A year and half ago I raved about the 2013 vintage that I picked up from Costco, therefore last week I picked up the 2015 vintage, hoping to relive or discover some new magic.

While it’s certainly possible that my tastes have become more capable of detecting the nuanced elements of wine, we can also fall back to the more common observation.. that it’s simply not as good as the earlier year.

It’s still a very nicely crafted bottle, with nice subtle flavors that will perform great with pastas and roasts. In other words it’s still good, just not better.

Kirkland Signature 2015 Cotes du Rhone Villages
Score: 89/100

3.5 / 5 stars     
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