Leon de Tarapaca Malbec Syrah 2016 Review

Quick Review – A very young “same year” wine from Tarapaca, named “Lion of Tarapaca”. Well made, albeit expectedly without much depth, and slightly tame given the varietals. 86/100

Leon de Tarapaca is the varietal line from Tarapaca, released the same calendar year so from harvest it’s only been aged for a couple of months. Given this knowledge, you’d expect the wine to feature bright fruit flavors without much influence of wood.

While a solidly made wine without any serious flaws, the lack of aging shows. One’d expect big bold flavors from a Malbec Syrah combination, which isn’t there. The Lion of Tarapaca feels oddly tamed.

Leon de Tarapaca Malbec Syrah 2016
Score: 86/100

3.5 / 5 stars     
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