Poema Brut Cava Review

Quick Review – The Poemo Brut Cava is made with Metodo Tradicional, basically a Spanish take on the classical Champagne blueprint. The result is a very nice and drinkable sparkling wine that is yeasty, with hints of toast and green apples. 87/100

If it pops and sparkles, sometimes I am not too concerned if the bottle is from Champagne. I’ve celebrated with Prosecco, toasted with California sparkling wine, and cheered with Asti.

IMG_4611If you really want the traditional French flavors, but don’t have the budget, Spanish Cava is a great alternative. The Poema Brut Cava (Buy Here) is made in accordance to the Metodo Tradicional, the Spanish equivalent of Methode Champenoise, Champagne methodology without the branding.

IMG_4613The wine pours out with fairly refined bubbles. True to the name, the Brut only shows a hint of sweetness. There’re notes of Apple, toast, and a tad bit of yeasty scent. Altogether a highly drinkable and approachable sparkler.

After a positive experience with Freixenet, and now the Poema, I think I’ll continue to venture into the dark bottles of Spanish sparkling wine.

Poemo Brut Cava (Buy Here)
Description: A delicious and affordable Spanish sparkling wine.
Score: 87/100

4 / 5 stars     
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